Primary Role
Working Style
Type of Employment

Vicki Brown

Note that many of the sections below list preferences. My preferences are just that - they describe what I would prefer out of a set of choices. If a given preference causes you a problem — especially if it could be a deal breaker — let's talk about it. There's usually room for negotiation.

On the other hand, a small number of constraints are non-negotiable. As one example, I do not travel. If the job involves a travel requirement, please let me know up front.

Primary Role

My primary interest is in providing productivity support through improved documentation and tools. Examples include intranet web content, employee training materials, and documentation of all forms (e.g. software overviews, how-tos, presentations, etc.)

I prefer to be primarily engaged in duties that consist of one or more of the following:

  • Application of systems analysis techniques and procedures, including consulting with users, to determine hardware, software or system functional applications.

  • Design, development, documentation, analysis, creation, testing or modification of computer systems or programs, including prototypes, based on and related to user or system design specifications.

  • Documentation, testing, creation or modification of computer programs related to the design of software or hardware for computers operating systems.

Ideally I will be working on some number of the following

  • internal documentation
  • process creation/improvement
  • web content creation
  • web site management
  • Internet/Intranet applications
  • data analysis
  • internal tools

I especially like to work directly with and for my clients, where these clients are software engineers, project managers, and other employees within the organization.

Working Style

I am highly skilled and proficient in the theoretical and practical application of specialized information to computer systems analysis, software engineering, and documentation. I most enjoy work that is intellectual or creative and that requires the exercise of discretion and independent judgment.

I have learned how to take a "flexible" approach to changing product requirements and priorities. I'm well versed in "multi-tasking". I have a proven ability to work independently with minimal direction or supervision either onsite and from my home office.

Milestones & Status reports

My preferred working style is to set milestones for the project and to provide frequent status reports no less often than twice a month. These allow the client and myself to continually update and track my progress on a project.


I consider it part of my job to make suggestions and recommendations when I see something that doesn't seem, to me, to be working as well as it could. You may find this to be a bit odd at first. I try to put my recommendations in a positive light. If possible, I don't just point out problems; I try to propose solutions.

I don't, however, feel that it is a requirement that the world accept every suggestion I make or that every bug report I file be addressed or solved and certainly not in the way I recommend. I understand that Input is Not Voting. As I've told several clients for whom I have done work: "My job is to make suggestions. Your job is to consider those suggestions and act on them, or not, as you choose."

Company Size

I have worked for both large and small companies, usually independently or as part of a small team. I do not have a preference for large vs. small, as long as I work with a competent, intelligent, quality-oriented team.


How will you win me to your team? You'll do better if you offer me smart co-workers and a quality-oriented process rather than if you tell me about beer bashes and basketball courts! Take a look at my list of priorities.

Desktop OS

I don't like Windows. This is not unfounded prejudice; I have used Windows. The firs time (a six-month contract) I was paid $75/hour. When offered the chance to convert to FTE, I declined. The second contract was very short (less than a month) and I knew the hiring manager already. The third contract replaced the Windows system with a Power Mac as a condition of my converting to fulltime employment.

I am much more productive on Mac OS X. My fingers work better on Mac OS X. If you have an application that is only available on Windows, I will be happy to run it in a VM. If necessary, I can supply my own Mac.

Type of Employment

FTE Salaried

I am happy to consider salaried positions.

Contract (W2 or 1099)

I'm also available for contract work -- full-time or part-time, short term or longer term.


San Francisco Bay Area

My preferred location ranges from San Francisco's Financial and SOMA districts, through the Peninsula, to the north-western part of Santa Clara county, along the 280 corridor. If you're in the 415 or 650 area code, or Cupertino, let's talk!

Or Telecommute...

I have a proven record of being able to work productively offsite from my well-equipped office. I will be especially interested in situations which permit me to telecommute from my office in San Bruno as much as possible, coming in to the client site for meetings and status updates.

After nearly two decades of daily commutes, office politics, cubicles, and dealing with too many distractions instead of real work, I realized that I am more relaxed and far more productive working from my private office. My clients benefit from that as much as I do.

... to Anywhere

I am happy to consider 100% telecommute contracts for jobs located beyond the SF Bay Area (but see the next point: Travel).

Travel - 0%

I do not travel. This is not negotiable.

I am not interested in any positions that involve any travel outside the San Francisco Bay Area (beyond what can be accomplished by car, round trip, in one day).

Rates - negotiable

I am happy to discuss fulltime (FTE) positions at a reasonable annual salary.

Contract rates may vary based on project type, length, and location. Quoted rates will take into account the length and difficulty of the commute. A surcharge will apply if I must use Windows instead of Mac OS X.

In any case, I will always ask a minimum hourly rate on all non-salaried, hourly positions, to ensure exemption from California overtime regulations:

The minimum hourly exempt wage is based on the Consumer Price Index and may be adjusted annually by the CA Division of Labor Statistics and Research. See California Labor Code, Section 515.5 (esp paragraph a.(3)), for details.


I am willing to accept either salaried positions or hourly compensation. However, for your benefit and protection, as well as my own, I prefer not to make fixed-rate bids.